Upgrading Your Property

Common Services Offered by Commercial Construction Companies

Commercial construction companies have access to some of the most advanced tools and equipment in the world and with the Australian economy demanding 35,000 new retail buildings and outlets each year, these tools are certainly put to good use. Although there are dozens of providers to choose from in any given region, their services are all similar enough that choosing based on price can be more of a priority.

But what types of services do these agencies offer and how can they help? Here’s a closer look at what a construction company can do and how they go about it.


It’s not uncommon for people to overlook this key feature offered by construction services; usually because demolition is typically seen as the polar opposite to erecting a building. In reality, a good building firm will offer property destruction services as standard and as far as commercial buildings are concerned; this could mean clearing, preparing and flattening an area in time for new construction to take place.

Large scale construction

Office blocks, shopping malls and factories all have to start somewhere – and that’s usually at the tip of an architect’s pen. Most companies will employ a professional team of designers and architects, and it is these experts that are responsible for taking care of the design and development of the project itself. Once the project has been planned, it can be handed over to the contractors who will take care of the erection of the premises itself.

Smaller scale development

Commercial premises also include single offices, small depots (like postal depots) and other facilities that intend to interact with customers. These developments can be very quick to complete due to their smaller size (in many instances, less than half a year). Small business owners often by comfortable plots of land with the intention of having an office or similar premises built on them.

Repairs and maintenance

Although many construction agencies specialise in the building of new properties for commercial purposes, the majority will also specialise in repairing damaged premises, too. A person could purchase an older building, have its weakened walls knocked down and then request that the company erects a new set of walls to return the property to its former glory.

These services are considered vital for the productivity of the Australian economy and as a result, the government often extends grants to new business owners, or those that require financial backing in order to have a new premises erected. Planning permission is fairly straight forward to obtain and an advisor employed by the construction company will typically be on hand to help with these proceedings. As long as the services can be afforded there’s no reason why even the smallest business owner couldn’t hire them – in fact thousands of CEOs require the assistance of these companies every month.